Training & Development at St Andrew's Club

St Andrew's Club is committed to the enhancement and enrichment of each member of staff (employees and youth workers) through organisation, job and personal development. We seek to ensure staff are adequately equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform well in their current work-role, also enabling them to contribute to St Andrew’s Club Mission, Vision and Values.

Have a read of our Training and Development Policy HERE and see below what we've been achieving over the last couple of years.

Name of Skill/Qualification:

4 staff, with colleagues from Young Westminster Foundation and Youth Hubs - Future Men and Fourth Feathers attended a Media & Press virtual training session delivered by Sandra Collins (HayesCollins Media) for Media Trust. They learnt about best practice for media interviews, press handling, crisis comms scenarios and followed with some mock interviews.


21 April 2021.

10 staff attended Trauma Informed Training delivered by Westminster City Council. This session showed ways in which trauma can affect both the young people and also the staff particularly, following such a difficult year.

21 January 2021.