Senior Club Activities

The heart of the Club is the activity programme. We offer as much diversity as possible within our resources and within the space available. This year's Club activities include the following.


We have a large football section and field 3 teams every week with an age range of U9 to U14.

Screen printing and graffiti

We hope to develop our very own Banksy.

Weights gym and workouts

Our new facilities are proving very popular. To find out more about joining the gym please either ring the Club or pop in and see us.


Strictly for all ages, from juniors to the over 80s.


Trained by a UK champion, we have already produced a European one.


A piano to play and a studio to produce. Move over Adele and Abbey Road...


Boys and girls preparing for the Bake-off and their own healthier eating.


Also for all ages and genders.

Discussion sessions

Tuning in to topical issues like gangs and radicalisation, social media bullying and personal safety.


Making presents, and masterpieces to treasure for life.

Indoor games

Pool, table tennis, table football, board games; something for everybody.


For fun and also our Homework and CV writing sessions.

Informal counselling

For the times when one-to-one advice is needed.


Lots more - like archery, photography, theatrical make-up and snowboarding - where we have the resources to help members learn new skills.